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GrowB is simplifying interactions and business dealings between small manufacturers and retailers, introducing easy credit facilities. This streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and beneficial for all stakeholders, contributing to the economic growth of Bangladesh.

What We Offer

Our mission at GrowB is to simplify distribution and credit facilities for small businesses, fostering a more accessible and efficient business environment.

Industry Specific Distribution

GrowB provides an industry-specific network platform, making it effortless for small manufacturers and retailers to connect and conduct business.

No Price Syndication

We believe in fairness. By eliminating middlemen and creating a participatory market, GrowB ensures fair pricing for all.

Doorstep Logistics

Experience hassle-free, fast, and cost-effective pick & drop logistics services with GrowB. We bring your products directly to your doorstep.

We are ready to help

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Ahmed Shoes
Dimond Shoes
Rana Brothers
Millat Shoes
Kohinoor Shoes

Our Vision

We envision building the product bank of Bangladesh, ensuring easy access to finance for all businesses. At GrowB, we strive to contribute to the growth and success of every small business in the country.

Fair Pricing

Tailored Networking

Direct Delivery

Convenient Shipping

Swift Transactions

Freedom of Transaction

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Brand Visibility

Enhancing presence across platforms, ensuring recognition, and fostering connection through strategic marketing for lasting impact and engagement.

Financing Business

Fueling growth, overcoming hurdles, and achieving success through tailored financial strategies and sustainable funding solutions for businesses.

Direct Delivery

Swift, reliable transport connecting products to consumers efficiently, ensuring convenience, and enhancing customer satisfaction for businesses worldwide.

What Our Users Says

GrowB's streamlined platform simplified our business transactions, offering seamless financial services and boosting our overall efficiency. Highly recommend!

Musharof Chy

Musharof Chy

Founder @Millat Shoes

Impressed with GrowB's tailored distribution network; it connected us with the right partners, enhancing our market reach. Exceptional service!

Abdul Hamed

Abdul Hamed

Founder @Rana Brothers

GrowB's doorstep logistics saved us time and costs. Their secure and swift transactions elevated our business experience. Grateful for their service!

MD. Saifuddin Chisty

MD. Saifuddin Chisty

Founder @ Kohinoor Shoes

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